What do bail bondsmen ACTUALLY do ?

I keep reading about "bail reform" in different states across this country. So I wanted to let everyone, who takes the time to read this, know exactly what bail bondsmen ACTUALLY do. Firstly, PEOPLE ARE NOT IN JAIL BECAUSE THEY ARE POOR!! People are arrested when there

What is Secured Bail and Pretrial Services ??

I've been a bondsman for a number of years, and there's always been a "fight" between secured bail and "pretrial services". I'm writing this to educate anyone who takes the time to read this. When a person gets arrested, sometimes the Court needs some assurance the defendant will appear at all scheduled court appearances.

Bail Bondsman ruining the business for everyone

Virginia Bail Bond Fee is 10%

I get a phone call from one of the jails I post bail bonds at. The inmate has a "$150" dollar bond. His "baby mama" has 50 bucks. He guarantees he can get the other $100 as soon as he gets out. Will I get him out ? This is
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