Bail Bondsman ruining the business for everyone

Virginia Bail Bond Fee is 10%

I get a phone call from one of the jails I post bail bonds at. The inmate has a “$150” dollar bond. His “baby mama” has 50 bucks. He guarantees he can get the other $100 as soon as he gets out. Will I get him out ? This is one of the regular phone calls I get. There’s a few things that are running through my mind. 1. This guy’s a freaking idiot. 2. If his “baby mama” doesn’t have the $150 that it takes to pay this guy’s bail fee, how would she cover the $1500 if the bail bond was to go bad ? 3. What makes this guy think that any bondsman would even consider this ? And, last, I’m thinking “I wonder which bondsman will get him”. Because someone will. The math in this business is math that a 10 year old can do. It’s simple. First the bond isn’t 150 dollars. I hate when they say that. The bond is actually $1500 and the co-signer has to pay $150 or 10 percent. The 10% is NOT a “general rule bail bondsmen go by”. It’s the LAW. READ THE LAW HERE.

Of course every bail bondsmen has “regulars”. And I, as well, try to do everything I can to help my “regulars” get out of jail. But I refuse to work for free. And when certain bondsmen who regularly post bail at the Pamunkey Regional Jail are posting bail bonds for next to nothing, how can any bondsman compete with that ?? This happens at all the jails I post bail regularly. Northern Neck Regional Jail. Middle Peninsula Regional Security Center. The Saluda Jail has to be one of the worst. You have bondsmen who’ll post a $25,000 bond for $250. One percent. What’s that say ? To me, it say’s that bondsman has no respect for this business. I realize to the defendant, it’s great. However, I wonder what that bondsman would say to the judge who issued that high bond.

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